Hosts Bob Delaney, Exec Director, & Erica Hammond, Labor Liaison , speak with Fatima Martin, and Sabine Adrian about the challenges facing the Institute for Labor Studies and changes made to our various programs as we transition to on-line learning during the COVID-19 crisis.

Labor Vision's Erica Hammond interviews NEARI President Larry Purtill about the how the educators of Rhode Island are rising to the challenge of distance learning during the Covid-19 crisis.

Labor Vision's Erica Hammond interviews URI AAUP Executive Director Jay Walsh about his union's response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Rhode Island AFL-CIO - Labors Response to the COVID-19 Crises in RI with Patrick Crowley, Secretary-Treasurer, RI AFL_CIO. Hosted by Erica Hammond, Institute for Labor Studies and Research.

2020 US Census with RI State Senator, Sandra Cano. Hosted by Thom Cahir, RI AFL-CIO

In the first half of the show, Rep, David Bennett (D) Warwick, and SEIU Healthcare 1199NE Elected Organizer, Emmanuel Falck sit down to talk about a series of issues with Erica Hammond, including the recent vote to increase the minimum wage in Rhode Island; the fact RI is the only state in New England without a minimum safe staffing requirement law, and what healthcare workers are planning to do to change that; and a shortened exchange on the need to increase pay for Direct Service Professionals that care for developmentally disabled members of society.


In the second half of the show, a follow-up to a recent segment, we bring back Nick Carnevale, VP of the Scituate custodians, and Joshua Homerston, President, Local 855 of NEARI, to describe the VICTORY! and outpouring of community support demonstrated after educating the public through a grassroots campaign as to the waste of privatization of services.

Women @ Work 3 Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) Help A Sister Out, Period campaign with RI Senator Valerie Lawson & Desiree Leclair, SEIU Training Fund and newly elected President of Rhode Island CLUW. In the first half of the show, Erica Hammond sits down with Sen. Val Lawson and newly-elected CLUW President Desiree Leclair to talk about a common issue, last year's "Help a Sister Out, Period!" campaign, and the need for legislative relief for women and girls who many times go without and shouldn't. 

Legislative Issues With RI Senator Dawn Euer, district 13 & Patrick Crowley, Secretary -Treasurer, RI AFL-CIO. In the second half of the show, Sen. Dawn Euer and newly-elected Secretary-Treasurer of the RI AFL-CIO Patrick Crowley sit down with Erica to talk about the school bond referendum that will be on the ballot in the senator's district in Newport this fall, the minimum wage bill for domestic workers, as well as forbidding employers from requiring NDAs, and looking to require safe staffing for nursing homes.

In what has proved to be a very turbulent period for UFCW Local 328, Secretary-Treasurer Domenic Pontarelli and Lead Organizer Sam Marvin sit down with Erica Hammond in the first half of the program to discuss the ongoing troubles with Durham School Services and their unwillingness to recognize, negotiate or pay a fair wage to bus drivers, monitors or aides in the Cumberland school district.

And in the second half of the show, Erica speaks with member Melissa Gaethofs, who works in the North Kingstown Stop & Shop store, and her business manager, Joe Renzi, over the latest outrage, the company throwing a birthday party for their robot, Marty; and how they treat him better than their own workforce.

Colleen Callahan, Ed.D, and Frank Flynn, President, RI Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals. Before the recent viral outbreak forced school closings, the Providence schools were taken over by the state of Rhode Island; and in response, Providence Teachers Union President Maribeth Calabro, along with RIFTHP President Frank Flynn and Director of Issues Colleen Callahan sat down with Bob Delaney to talk about the recent report from Johns Hopkins, the community forum they held in Providence, and how other communities have been instrumental in successfully advocating for and changing models for things like multiple language learners and community schools.

 In the second half of the program, later that same week, Bob caught up to AFT VP Jesse Sharkey, President of the Chicago Teachers Union, to talk about how teachers there engaged the community to help end a strike by getting parents to support common sense ideas like smaller class sizes and mandatory staffing. 'Teacher working conditions are student learning conditions'

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